Respiratory Services

All locations offer same day N-95 Mask Fit and Spirometry Testing. All results can be transmitted to your electronic portal by setting up a corporate account with us. Additional services can be performed during your visit.

$50 Mask Fit

Your mask fit will take about 30 minutes in total and we will supply everything you need including:

  • Your N-95 particulate mask
  • Completion of all appropriate paperwork

The exam will take a total of 30 minutes. Same day appointments are never a problem and we are open 7 days so scheduling is easy. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are encouraged. Wait times are never more than 15 minutes.

Tb tests, titer tests, drug screen, live scan fingerprinting, CPR, employment physical and vaccines can be completed during your visit. These service costs are additional.

Lab Testing in California

$85 Spirometry Testing

NIOSH/OSHA require initial and annual spirometry testing in certain occupational settings. WellnessMart offers this service in all our locations, 7 days a week on a walk in basis.

Your employee needs to bring identification
The process will take around 30 minutes total.

A report which includes a pass/fail will be available at the completion of testing. Other services can be performed at the during the visit.

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Tb Testing in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Roseville & Thousand Oaks, CA

Respiratory FIT testing

We do offer FIT testing in some old our location. Please use the lives chat feature to reach someone at headquarters.

Tb Testing in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Roseville & Thousand Oaks, CA

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