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$40 Sports Physicals

Your WellnessMartMD physician and nurse will be performing the following:

Sports Physicals in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Roseville, & Thousand Oaks, CA
  • health questionnaire
  • musculoskeletal assessment
  • neurological assessment
  • vision test (addl. ishihara color blind test as needed)
  • general non-audiometric hearing assessment
  • cardiovascular assessment
  • organ specific assessment
  • pulmonary exam
  • body composition analysis
  • completion of appropriate paperwork

Any necessary vaccines can be provided at the same time and are priced according to the vaccine. All our locations have easy access parking, and our friendly medical staff’s goal is to have you in and out in less than 30 minutes. No waiting rooms, no sick people, a medical setting designed for the needs of the healthy.

Sports physicals are available same day, and since we are open until 7pm, getting in to see us is never a problem. Please call for a same day appointment.

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