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WellnessMart works to make healthcare easy.

Join us in helping improve healthcare by making it easy. We work to ensure patients have an obtainable route for their healthcare services. Whether it’s helping Jack complete their pre-employment health requirements, administering a travel vaccination to help Sarah go on her international trip, or helping May with an affordable blood test, WellnessMart always puts our patient’s needs first, with an emphasis on providing the highest quality service.


Team Oriented

Always connected with your team, regardless of your location. WellnessMart values the experience of a tight knit work force.


Workplace diversity is important to us as it helps bring innovation, creativity, and collaboration to the forefront. Our team reflects this value in it’s rich diversity.


Our workplace offers staff a deep sense of purpose, fosters personal growth, and allows for meaningful accomplishments. Grow with us!

“WellnessMart is a welcoming, fun work environment. Our positions are rewarding, motivating, and challenging. We love that we get to interact with different individuals every day and grow within our community. The culture of the company is supportive and encourages employee engagement. The best part about it all is the bonds we build within our team and the great people you get to collaborate with.”

Morton, pa Wellnessmart staff

“Wellnessmart is an amazing place to build a career. Our team enjoys the daily learning environment we are a part of. The work we do is such a great assistance to our doctors and nurses and brings joy to our customers.”

Headquarters staff, long beach, ca

You work to take care of others. Let us take care of you.

Enjoy a variety of empoyee benefits aimed to take care of you and your families.

Health Insurance Coverage

Employee Assistance Program

Paid Sick Days

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