Respiratory Testing

Wellnessmart’s experienced occupational physicians have tailored a respiratory program to meet your annual compliance requirements and keep your employees safe and healthy on the job.
Qualitative FIT Testing (N95 Mask Fit)
Ensure the perfect fit for respiratory protection with Qualitative FIT Testing (N95 Mask Fit) service. Our comprehensive assessments guarantee a secure and comfortable seal, meeting stringent safety standards and optimizing workplace health protocols.
OSHA Respirator Clearance
Achieve workplace safety compliance effortlessly with our OSHA Respirator Clearance service. Our thorough evaluations ensure employees are medically fit to wear respirators, safeguarding their health and enhancing workplace safety standards.
Quantitative FIT Testing
Experience precision and confidence in respiratory protection. Our advanced testing methods deliver accurate and objective results, ensuring the perfect fit for optimal safety and peace of mind in hazardous environments.
Pulmonary Lung Function (Spirometry)
NIOSH/OSHA require initial and annual spirometry testing in eligible occupational settings. A report which includes pass/fail will be available at the completion of testing.
Annual Asbestos/Silica Medical Evaluations
Our Asbestos/Silica Screening Programs provide thorough assessments to detect and manage exposure risks effectively. With meticulous testing protocols, we ensure safety compliance and peace of mind for individuals and organizations in hazardous environments.
Service was quick and convenient
“Location was convenient, Staff is friendly and service was quick and convenient. Would highly recommend if you need to have a testing or a checkup within a certain timeframe”
Theodore Guevarra

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The staff was friendly and very helpful.
“I’ve had to get my physical done and drug tests done several times for different jobs. Usually I care most about wait time and efficiency. I was in and out in like 15 minutes. Plus the staff was friendly and very helpful.”
Virgilio Sindayen

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Wonderful and welcoming staff
“Wonderful and welcoming staff with quick and efficient assistance. Great place for service they provide and prices are amazing.”
Maryam Bahaduri

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