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LiveScan is available 6 days a week. Please bring a valid Driver’s License and your Request for LiveScan form.*

LiveScan fees are complicated, so we’re going to break it down for you:

WellnessMart Rolling Fee — We make $30 when you choose us. It is the only fee that varies from one LiveScan provider to another. When shopping for price, ask about the rolling fees.

State Fee Range

  • DOJ fee – from $0 to $32
  • FBI fee – from $0 to $17
  • With billing number – $0
Live Scan Fingerprinting in Sacramento & Los Angeles CA

We collect these fees and send them to the state at the end of each month. These state fees are the same regardless of which live scan provider you use. The ORI number on your live scan request form, when placed into the LiveScan computer, will determine your exact state fees. State fees are generally lower for volunteers and nonprofits.

Most common total charge is $83

  • Rolling fee – $30
  • DOJ fee – $32+
  • FBI fee – $17+

It’s impossible to give you an exact cost over the phone, but this represents the cost for the majority of LiveScans we do. We can give you an exact cost when you come in and we put your ORI number into the LiveScan computer.

*Please note, these LiveScan fees apply to our California offices only.

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