TB Testing, Livescan & Basic Safety Course

Your favorite Healthcare Service Provider is making TB tests easier, with no waiting rooms and no hassles. Scroll down to check out our selection of TB tests currently offered.

We will give you a test result form, which you can give to your organization. Need a Chest X Ray? – no problem. All of our locations have easy access parking, and our friendly medical staff will have you in and out in no more than ten minutes.

$35 TB Testing

TB Testing require two visits.

Visit 1: The initial placement of the test
Visit 2: The test reading 48-72 hours after initial test

With our convenient locations across California, there’s no need to put off testing any longer. You’ll be in and out in a jiffy on both visits.

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TB & Live Scan in Sacramento & Los Angeles CA

$35 Prescription Fee for Chest X-Ray


If you have written proof of a positive Tb test, you are eligible for a chest X-Ray to satisfy your Tb test requirement.  With your chest X-Ray prescription, you can complete your chest X-Ray at any imaging center.

TB & Live Scan in California

$130 T-Spot TB Testing

The Tb Test requires one visit.

Blood test results are available within 72 hours.

TB & Live Scan in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Roseville, & Thousand Oaks, CA

$22* Live Scan Fingerprinting

For this scan, you’ll need to bring two things with you:
A valid photo ID
Your ‘Live Scan Service Request Form,’ which you should receive from either:

  • Your Employer/HR Director
  • The applicable state board website if it is for licensing, credentialing or permitting

You can also do a TB test, Physical Exam, Titer Test, CPR Class or Drug Test at the same time as your live scan visit.

*State fees may apply.

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$35 TB Testing | $70 2 Step TB Test | $130 T-Spot TB Tests | $22 Live Scan Fingerprinting | $10 Passport Photos
$122 Titer Tests | $45/85 Urine/Hair Drug Testing | $10 Body Composition Analysis | $80 Lab Blood Tests
$50 Mask Fit | All the Vaccines You Need |$65 Pre-Employment Physicals | $65 School Physicals
$40 Sports Physicals | $65 Foster/Adoption Physicals |$65 Camp/Scouts Physicals | $25 Travel Office Consultation
Tattoo Removal | $45/$45 CPR & First Aid Classes | $65 Infant Safety Training | $249 Immigration Services

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