Travel Shots

Traveling the world is an exciting experience. At WellnessMart, we want to make sure you return safely with stories to tell. As full-service travel medicine clinics and CDC-certified Yellow Fever vaccination centers, all WellnessMart locations can provide any vaccine you need for your upcoming adventure.

Many people feel like they have to have shots to travel. With few exceptions, this is false – the only vaccine you will ever be required to do is Yellow Fever. Everything else is merely recommended to help make sure you don’t get that particular disease.

At WellnessMart, we believe that these shots are really just a way of accomplishing your goal of staying healthy. Our travel consultation provides you with the information you need to do just that.

$10 Passport Photos

Each pair of 2″x 2″ color photos is $10 and is ready in minutes. No appointments needed. Just show up photo ready, we’ll take your photos, and have them printed in no time at all.

Your passport photos can be completed during your immigration medical exam or other travel medicine visit.

Travel Shots in Sacramento & Los Angeles CA

$35 Office Visit for Travel Medicine

Many people feel like they can’t leave the country without obtaining certain shots. With few exceptions, this is untrue. The only vaccine needed to travel (for certain trips) is Yellow Fever. All other vaccines are recommendations to make certain you don’t become ill while traveling abroad.

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Travel Shots in California

$249 Immigration Medical Services

This service requires that you bring:

  • A valid photo ID (passport)
  • Your paperwork

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